Posted: 05/18/09

For several years, HID Global has implemented “Customer First” initiatives to ensure that we stay focused on our most critical stakeholders. “Customer First” is probably not unique to HID, but it is a mantra that we have adopted.

Corporate leadership is adamant on reiterating to us that our customers are why we exist, and that we should never forget that.

As Frank Haley, the Deputy...

Posted: 04/06/09

Finally some simple answers to some simple questions! Why can’t we use the same card to log on to our computers as we use to get into the building?

Why is it that the alternatives for logical access are limited to either:
1.) The costly administration and security risks associated with using passwords &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp or
2.) Expensive tokens and complex systems...

Posted: 03/16/09

Marketing is an exciting profession especially when launching a new product …IN PERSON!


What could be better than physically demonstrating a uniquely innovative solution in front of end-customers, channel partners, OEMs and media, receiving instant feedback, initial impressions and comments on how this solution will benefit them and their future prospects.