Business Opportunities in Government Market


As someone who is based in the Washington, DC area, I am responsible for promoting HID Global’s family of products to the federal, state and local government, as well as integrators who service these markets.

Moreover, I serve as a market resource to the HID sales organization and its channel partners. Hopefully, my blog provides you with an understanding of the opportunities that exist in the government market for credentialing, physical access and logical access solutions, as well as provides you with information and resources that help you better understand the government market and how to leverage funding and regulatory requirements to close business.

The government market represents a significant opportunity for HID and its reseller partners. The top 10 United States Government identity initiatives alone will drive approximately $8 billion in business over the next five years. In addition, opportunities such as PIV, first responders credentials, state employee smart card ID's, convergence and implementation of new smart card credentials have opened the door to expanding opportunities, including updating and enhancing physical access control and logical access control systems. Moreover, federal funding, such as ARRA (Stimulus Bill), is providing increased drive for state and local governments to procure enhanced security measures.

The Federal Government provides outstanding opportunities for identity and security solutions Yet, many HID partners do not actively pursue federal business because of the perception that you have to be based in Washington, DC or that major federal government integrators, such as Lockheed Martin, EDS, etc., limit access to the market. Well, I am here to say that it is a common misperception. 

In fact, there are federal facilities or agencies located in every state. DOD, VA, GSA, U.S. courthouses and the National Guard all represent local federal business opportunities. Additionally, major federal contractors are always looking for local partners with a specialty, for instance, PACS or local support capability to partner with them on large integration contracts.

State and local government credentialing ID system opportunities are rapidly expanding due to the efforts of the Federal Government. Many of these new opportunities such as the first responder credential and state employee IDs leverage the FIPS-201 model. The Transportation Workers Identity Credential (TWIC) has made a significant impact on the implementation of credentialing solutions and physical access control throughout U.S., with ports, transportation terminals and more included.

Next week we will begin a series on Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD12) and the resulting FIPS 201 standard that is making a major impact on federal access control and also influences credentialing and access control within state and local governments.