Calling All Systems Integrators Large and Small!


As a Security Dealer and Integrator (SD&I) magazine Fast50 advisory board member,...

...I'd like to invite fast-growing system integrators to highlight your successes in the field through SD&I's new best practices program called Fast50. Fast50 is designed for both small and large alarm dealers and systems integrators and the program includes:

• End user input on what they expect from the SI community
• A unique ranking of the 'best of the best' successful companies
• Strategies for success for the entire industry and best practices from integrators

The program is fully endorsed and will be jointly presented by two of the most prestigious organizations in the industry -- the Security Industry Association and ISC West. The Fast50 best practices program gives you the chance to highlight your company and its achievements, where the top companies and their best practices will be presented in an educational awards program at ISC West 2012 in Las Vegas, NV.

Security Dealer and Integrator is also encouraging end-users to enter the program so the integration community can more firmly get a handle on what these buyers are looking for from their solutions providers.

There is no fee to participate. In order to enter, companies submit gross revenue numbers for a three-year period. These numbers are not published and they are under a strict non-disclosure with SD&I since they are only used in a formula to balance revenue percentage growth and overall revenue growth across all entrants, creating a level playing field for everyone.

The deadline for entries is January 23, 2012, the program is FREE and it's simple to enter by going to to complete the form. For more information, you can also watch the Fast50 video.

This is really a great opportunity to highlight your company's accomplishments. I hope you take full advantage of the program and I look forward to seeing you at ISC West 2012!