CARTES 2012: NFC, the cloud and the power of one!


Following HID Global's success at last year's CARTES & IDentification show, one of the largest industry-centric security events, CARTES 2012 proved to be even more engaging with key industry players, prospects and customers abuzz in Paris at HID Global's booth last week.

Walking around the show, I was not surprised to see that all of the industry leaders could not help but to talk about the hottest trends in either NFC, cloud or other advanced secure identity services.

And HID Global? We were spot on and showcased our products, solutions and services that address the trends in each of these important areas...all "under one HID Global roof". This was a great example of the power of one, where I really think our CARTES booth reflected the power of the depth and breadth of our secure identity solutions portfolio.
Entering the booth, visitors could hardly get past the crowds that gathered around HID's latest new secure card issuance solution -- the FARGO HDP8500LE printer that includes a new laser engraver for advanced and highly secure card issuance programs, such as driver's licenses, national ID and other government-to-citizen ID projects, as well as financial services like credit cards. And after talking to prospects from around the world who were visiting the booth, it was clear that they overwhelmingly are seeing huge opportunities for this type of card personalization solution in their various markets.

Our Identity Assurance team was also extremely pleased with the feedback received regarding our cloud-based mobile converged access solution. Customers and prospects could not wait to see how they can easily authenticate to a cloud based application via mobile phone while also using the same NFC smartphone to securely open a door with HID Global's Seos app.

But I must say that the coolest spot in our booth was our HID Trusted Tag Service showcase. It really astonished people to see how a simple tag can prevent fraud and forgery by securely authenticating high-end products like luxury cars or pieces of art by simply reading a hidden tag with an NFC-enabled mobile phone.

One comment that particularly stood out for me that summarized end-user reactions was that "HID Global 'got it', whilst others didn't!"

One visitor stated, "With employees in the office or on the move, they need the flexibility of being able to use different types of authentication devices and methods in a secure way. HID Global is paving the way for a new era of flexibility in the global workforce today."

Simply put, this statement said it all, since it reflected how the show validated that HID Global understands market requirements by proactively addressing the needs of today's workforce through our comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions, and services. Visitors of our booth at CARTES "got" the power of one source that offers it all ...and they loved it.