Federal Compliance Doesn't Have to Require a Rip-and-Replace Upgrade


We love to solve tough problems at HID Global...

...and very few challenges have caused more heartburn for our federal government customers than meeting the latest identification requirements of Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 (HSPD-12), as defined by FIPS-201. At ISC West last month, we introduced the remedy through solutions developed as part of our Federal Identity Compliance Initiative.

In February 2011, the government issued a memorandum stating that all existing physical and logical access control systems must be upgraded to implement Personal Identification Verification (PIV) credentials before federal agencies can use development and technology refresh funds to complete other activities. In the past, compliance was a very costly and complex process, and required agencies to gather, organize and deploy a large number of technologies, experts and third-party suppliers. Too often, agencies had to rip out their current physical access control head-end servers, panels and door control hardware as a result.

During ISC West, we showed customers just how easy FIPS-201 compliance can actually be using a modular approach with HID solutions that offers a clear migration path for achieving FIPS-201 compliance...at significantly lower cost and without having to "rip and replace" their existing access control infrastructure.

We know how challenging it has been for federal agencies to meet the latest government mandates, and I am excited by our new solution that enables agencies to meet these compliance requirements by upgrading their existing PACS infrastructure to authenticate credentials across the full range of assurance levels. The Genuine HID solutions that make up our compliance initiative also help deliver converged physical and logical security as envisioned by HSPD-12, and they are unique in driving both FIPS 201 and SP 800-116 compliance. What's more HID will also extend our initiative beyond FIPS 201 to support other Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)-at-the-door compliance requirements, as well as PIV-I and PIV-C (PIV-compatible) requirements for cards issued by non-federal entities.

Stay tuned for more information and for tips from HID that will help simplify and streamline the compliance process for your organization.