Genuine HID Solutions Seminar - A great exchange of ideas


Not long ago, we hosted a Genuine HID Solutions Seminar in Hong Kong, and it was truly an impressive experience.

It provided an excellent occasion to directly interact with our partners, consultants, integrators, and end users as well as hear their feedback on-the-spot. Not surprisingly, there was quite a bit of dialogue around IP-based access control solutions, and having this level of conversation was one of the major reasons for hosting the seminar.

We have witnessed a growth trend of customers to IP based access solutions in APAC. Enterprises have recognized the importance of security, and this is resulting in increased investment and development of security solutions. This trend is also reflected in some of our recent deployments such as China Pacific Insurance’s data center in Shanghai, Jinwan People’s Procuratorate in Zhuhai City of China and Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia. Leveraging the advantages of VertX® networked access solutions, these organizations have migrated to IP environments to deliver multiple layers of protection, guarding against any potential physical and network risks away from their premises.

HID addressed this demand for IP-enabled access control solutions during the seminar, where we illustrated the power of VertX with live a demonstration and that showed how VertX, coupled with our partner’s software, enables a wide variety of deployments, including car park access management, elevator control, and CCTV and alarm systems monitoring. We were very impressed by the fruitful discussions during the roundtable Q&A session, which was definitely a great opportunity for exchanging thoughts and better understanding our customers’ needs.

I would like to thank all the customers who have attended this seminar as we greatly appreciated all of the valuable opinions and ideas shared during the session. I encourage all HID customers to attend Genuine HID solutions seminars in your regions and let your local HID team know the types of solutions you would like to us provide for your current and future security identity needs. We hope to see you at a future Genuine HID seminar soon.