For Government ID Solutions, The Sum Is Greater Than The Parts

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Secure ID programs have never been more important to governments worldwide - and never have these programs been more complicated in terms of technology, implementation or system components.

When I was invited to provide a personal perspective on the acquisition of LaserCard and its assimilation into HID Global's Government ID Solutions business, I was struck by how timely the move has proven to be.

Even before LaserCard became part of HID Global, we were driving the transition from single-function, single technology ID credentials to multi-technology, multi-purpose authentication documents. Take the Saudi Arabia national ID card, which can accommodate border crossing, banking and access to government services; or Italy's Carabinieri (National Police) card, used for building entry, health and other transactional services including an emergency response mechanism.

We were very aware, even then, that while the cards and technologies we provided were at the heart of ID projects, they represented only a small fraction of each program.

Fast-forward a year, and the landscape is very different. As part of HID Global's Government ID Solutions business, we're a provider of the broadest portfolio of products, technologies and services in the business, and able to help governments move closer to the ideal end-to-end solution. The impact for customers and populations is enormous. In the case of Costa Rica's Foreign Resident Card, for example, we delivered tangible benefits including on-time and on-budget completion, enhanced border security, the virtual elimination of counterfeiting, protection against obsolescence and no system downtime during the life of the project.

We are now part of an interlinked yet unique set of systems, components and processes vital to the creation of highly secure government ID programs, whether vehicle registration, healthcare ID, or citizen ID. This makes HID Global's Government ID Solutions business a highly differentiated, cost-competitive and expert player.

No other organization can offer a more integrated solution, providing customers with a better experience because of the interoperability of our products and wealth of in-house expertise. Being able to provide a large slice of a Government project allows us to participate as a trusted provider, rather than a component supplier. Having experts from each field now aligned under the same brand raises our perceived value in the eyes of government purchasers, and we are able to get closer to these customers rather than operating through intermediaries.

We are now beginning to see not only larger opportunities, but also major selling advantages. It is a compelling value proposition for the customer, faced with an unimaginably complex project, to reduce the risk associated with integrating systems from multiple suppliers and instead select an organization offering end-to-end control and guaranteed interoperability of systems.

Governments can now turn to HID Global for their entire ID project. What a difference a year makes!