HID Global Roundtable 2009


As expected, HID conducted its sixth successful Roundtable, HID Global Roundtable 2009. The venue, accommodations, meals, travel coordination and fun could not have been better, thanks to the entire HID Team.

Special thanks go out to Heather Eyre for her attention to detail in taking care of us all.

Although the Marriott San Diego Gaslamp Quarter is a fantastic location for fun and sun, the Roundtable event was a strategic business collaboration effort that brought HID closer to the customers by engaging more than thirty consultants and integrators from around North America. To HID’s credit, they have recognized that advancement of the security industry can be encouraged and influenced by engaging personnel that interact with the end user on a daily basis.

During the opening day events, this select group of security professionals, along with the HID Team, was able to discuss and debate the current economic climate, the security industry, HID’s position and the future. This opening exchange set the tone for an exciting afternoon of golf and a second day of energetic interaction at the Roundtable.

The second day events kicked off with the HID Team unveiling the HID strategy and recent product development. This unveiling was designed to enlighten us as well as challenge us in later more thorough discussions with the HID Product Development staff. As the day proceeded and we discussed/debated product and program development, the HID Team received invaluable feedback and perspective that could not be gained from internal resources alone.

As a security consultant and having been involved with the Roundtable from its inception, this is truly a collaborative effort that not only benefits HID, but everyone involved. I always leave the Roundtable with the satisfaction that I have a clear sense and confirmation of the security industry direction as well as an understanding of leading edge technologic advancements on the horizon for the security industry. Confidence in these industry motivators give me solace as I provide consulting services to my clients and customers around the world. Great job HID, and I look forward to the next Roundtable.