Secure Card Issuance in 2009


As we move into 2009, we’re seeing a key vertical industry segment that should help accelerate the widespread adoption of secure card issuance technology: the financial services industry.

Retail banking organizations are seeking instant issuance based on a desire for immediate customer convenience.

Imagine if you could walk into a bank, open a new credit card account and walk out with a new card in-hand to start spending! Well, this has now become a reality thanks to retail banks that are hungry to outrun the current financial climate by seeking new and creative ways to drive revenue and profit opportunities. By using secure card issuance technology, these banks are able to instantaneously customize bank and credit cards on site (“instant issuance”) for customers.

During the issuance process, the customer’s image and identity data are captured, stored and transferred to the card, and instantly produced with an HDPii Financial Card Printer. Then, the customer receives a personalized (photograph, identity data), highly tamper-resistant, custom ATM or credit card issued on-the-spot.

With an instantly issued card you’re out the door and ready to spend! There’s none of the “wait 2-4 weeks” that typically prolongs the delivery of a new card. And you’re protected against fraud and theft.