Teaming with integrators for successful high volume ID issuance


Optimizing output, lowering costs and enabling scalability.

Last month I traveled throughout Europe and the Middle East, ultimately landing in Dubai for the GITEX Security Exhibition. Throughout the trip, I met with a dozen integrators for large citizen ID card projects, and the discussions continually revolved around key factors that make high volume, high security card issuance programs successful.

For large projects that routinely require production of tens of thousands of ID cards, integrators validated that they place high value on stable, ongoing printer performance; low operating costs; and systems free of time-consuming service and costly repairs. They also told us that systems used in higher volume, technology-rich applications must excel in five key areas:

Flexible Print Technology - Retransfer or high definition printing (HDP®) provides the flexibility for ID issuers to personalize a wide variety of card materials and technologies. Through the HDP process, a dye image is reverse-printed onto the underside of an adhesive film. The film and image are then transferred to the card surface, adding a durable layer of protection to the card and its components.

Printer System Reliability - A print systems' ability to adapt to a wide range of work conditions is critical. ID printers must be rugged enough to operate continuously no matter the condition of the facility in which they are installed, the heat or humidity of the environment, or the number of hours in each work shift.

System Performance - The printer should flex to meet the demands of each project launched: security functions must handle government and financial organizations' security requirements; system processing speeds should be variable depending on card design and project volume; and the credentials produced must be able to withstand the wear and tear of the intended application.

Operational Convenience - The printer's tools should allow operators to manage the system easily. Automated diagnostic systems, remote communication devices, graphical displays and help information should make issue identification and resolution as simple as possible. Diagnostic tools should always contribute to lowering total cost of operation while reducing downtime.

System Scalability - The system should be able to expand to meet requirements for new installations across a region or country through secure networking capabilities. Factory and field upgradeable modules should be available to meet evolving needs for heightened ID card security.

These key factors outlined by integrators continue to inspire HID's FARGO printer product marketing and engineering teams to develop ever better, market-focused solutions that directly address large project ID issuers' needs. This week as I meet with large, secure ID issuance system integrators from around the world at CARTES 2011 in Paris, France, I look forward to continuing our discussion about the demands of high volume issuance projects and I am also excited to demonstrate our new FARGO HDP8500 Industrial Card Printer/Encoder - a solution designed to serve market.

Read more about how the FARGO HDP8500 is raising the bar for high duty performance, high definition printing and encoding in our latest white paper.