Timing is everything.


Every day after work I am met by a pile of mail to sort through.

Without fail, there is always lots of mail from various banks offering frequent flyer miles, cash back rewards or whatever they can in effort to get me to sign up for new credit cards. What happens next is probably the saddest part for those companies soliciting me as a new card holder: I throw all of that mail away!

But what would happen if I was at a bank or at a store in front of the sales person who was explaining to me the benefits of signing up for a ‘fantastic’ card? What if they handed me a card right away that was already activated and ready to use? And even better, what if that card could be 100% personalized and I could have my favorite photo on it? Maybe I would be more likely to say “sign me up!”

This is what being the right card at the right time in the right place is all about. Through instant issuance, financial institutions and retail stores now have the opportunity to offer their customers a unique experience the moment they walk in the door. In minutes, the customer can get a unique, customized card that he or she will be able to use immediately.

In the race to be the preferred card in a your wallet, banks with the ability to issue instant credit cards will benefit from the fact consumers can use the card…and start spending…right away. Banks also benefit by creating for the consumer a personalized experience versus sending unsolicited mail that will most likely end up in the trash and is a huge waste of paper and resources.

In addition to being more environmentally friendly, consumers also benefit from being able to use the card immediately, avoiding the risk of having their card and pin land in the wrong mailbox.