A true believer in convergence!


I have not spent a day without a smart card, and would guess that neither have you.

Everyday on my way to work, I pick up my breakfast using an e-purse card, take the subway to work using a transit card, and finally access the office with my employee badge...and all these cards use smart card technology.

Recently there have been several initiatives in Thailand to promote the use of multiple applications on smart cards. For instance, a system provider in Thailand has initiated an innovative project at gas stations that enables cashless payment with corporate ID cards, where employees can use their employee badge to buy gas and make purchases in the gas station retail shops.

And this is just one of many successful NFC trials in Thailand over the past couple of years. Some banks and mobile phone carriers have developed applications on smart phones that promote and direct mobile phone users to particular retail store, where simply tapping their phone on the payment terminal at the store is enough for the mobile phone user to buy groceries and a range of other goods and services.

The success of these NFC trials re-enforces that Thailand is one of the larger potential markets for this technology once NFC-supported handsets are made available on a mass scale. And mass scale usage is expected: NFC Times has recently reported at least 20% smart phones will support NFC by 2014. This figure is equivalent to nearly 300 million phones and is similar to the number of people using 3G mobile devices today.

By combining contactless and NFC technologies, multi-applications on NFC smart phones will shortly become a reality. Our next generation iCLASS SE physical access control platform and HID's Trusted Identity Platform™ are ahead of the curve, making sure that our customers are armed in advance with the tools and technology they will need to securely enable the use of virtual credentials on mobile devices. Stay tuned to learn more about how HID's next generation platform makes it possible to take full advantage of NFC and other future technologies.