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If the idea of coordinating a photo ID card printing system seems like a daunting task to you, you’re not alone. I frequently hear from customers that are concerned about using the right evaluative criteria and the proper motivation to select the best system to meet their needs.

From selecting the photo ID card printer with the right capabilities to knowing which security features can protect your organization to designing the card itself, there are a lot of important pieces to the puzzle. By viewing a photo ID card printing system as an investment in the future, smart companies take time to think not only about a) their security needs, but also about b) corporate image. With these considerations and the appropriate investment level to match them, these companies often remark that the ID system is an important part of their corporate image and security infrastructure.

So how can your company successfully get there? In North America, HID has an extensive network of dealers we call FSPs (Fargo Solution Providers). These solution providers make setting up a photo ID card printing system an enjoyable experience, if there is such a thing!

Some of our FSPs have been in the ID card system integration business since the beginning of digital ID systems, dating back over 20 years. You and your organization can benefit from decades of experience they’ve gained from recommending solutions to business issues similar to the one you’re faced with.

Click here to find an FSP in your area that can help with all of your ID card system needs. And please make sure to visit us at ISC West (booth #12051) to see all the latest and greatest Fargo products from HID.

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