World Tag Datasheet

HID Global World Tag passive contactless transponders deliver reliable, cost-effective RFID tag performance for light-duty, indoor, near-proximity reader applications and perform best affixed to wood, glass, or plastic surfaces.

Volcano Tag Datasheet

HID Global Volcano Tag passive contactless RFID transponders are built for reliable performance in high-heat conditions, withstanding peak temperatures up to 392° F (200° C).

HID Trusted Tag® Services Brochure

TapMark Tags Datasheet  

RFID SnapSportz™ Case Study

SlimFlex Tag Datasheet

These tags are compliant with EPC global certified UHF Class 1 Gen 2 readers and modules, and broadband capable for worldwide operations.

SlimFlex Seal Tag Datasheet

HID Globalå¨ SlimFlex‰ã¢ Seal Tag RFID tracking transponders are ideal for sealing industrial containers ‰ÛÒ bags, bins or boxes ‰ÛÒ preventing unauthorized access to contents while in storage or during distribution.

Plug Tag Datasheet

Automated waste management tracking with industrial RFID tags accelerates logistics and waste management processes, and enables pay-as-you-throw and recycling incentive programs.

HID HF NFC Tag Comparison Chart

Nail Tag Datasheet

HID nail tags enable RFID tagging of wooden assets and pallets for a variety of construction and transport applications. A durable fiberglass housing protects embedded electronics during installation and use.