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HID Trusted Tag Services Datasheet
Posted Date: 15 Feb 2017

Trusted Tag Services is a unique solution combining cryptographically secured trust of NFC tags or Bluetooth beacons and cloud-based authentication to add digital identification to everyday...

InLine Tag Ultra Family Datasheet
Posted Date: 08 Feb 2017

UHF tag technology enables anti-collision functionality, fast data-rate communication and password protection for precise, reliable reading.

RFID Brick Tag Datasheet  
Posted Date: 08 Feb 2017

HID Global RFID Brick Tag passive contactless transponders are small, featherweight tags that mount or embed discreetly to tools, equipment, medical instruments, and more—all while delivering...

SlimFlex Seal Tag Datasheet
Posted Date: 08 Feb 2017

HID Globalå¨ SlimFlex‰ã¢ Seal Tag RFID tracking transponders are ideal for sealing industrial containers ‰ÛÒ bags, bins or boxes ‰ÛÒ preventing unauthorized access to contents while in storage or...

Mobile Access Broschüre
Posted Date: 06 Feb 2017