India Vehicle Registration Cards

features and card design helped India counter forgery and abuse of vehicle registration documents.

HID Global


The Indian states of Gujarat, Delhi and Maharashtra have successfully countered forgery and abuse of vehicle registration documents with new, highly secure certificates of registration. At the core of this program is HID Global's leading technology with advanced security features and card design.

The Document Fraud Problem

For many years, key transportation and tax officials of the states Gujarat, Delhi and Maharashtra were confronted with widespread fraud based on the abuse of paper-based vehicle registration documents. Tax evaders and traffic violators erased records of ownership and previous violations while criminals evaded authorities since vehicles were not traceable back to criminal or terrorist activities.

The Business Issue

Transportation officials in these three states needed a high-tech, high-security approach to combat extensive inefficiencies, corruption and administrative backlog. The vehicle registration system was designed to provide the majority of revenues for state transport offices, but without systems for securely managing fee collection, all three states were unable to adequately capture fees. In addition, officials could not access evidence of a vehicle's registration or insurance, nor could police track vehicles used in crimes.


The essential requirements for new documents were counterfeit-resistance, durability, and the ability to securely store ten year’s worth of data, while seamlessly interacting with the government’s e-licensing system. This combination of features was critical to prevent the fraudulent alteration of the cards and to withstand ten years of card handling by vehicle owners.

A Counterfeit- and Tamper-Resistant Solution

Gujarat, Maharashtra and Delhi each selected HID Global's ID credential based on the unmatched security record of the company's LaserCard® optical security media, which has never been compromised. In September, 2001 Delhi and Maharashtra instituted new cards known as "Registration Certificate (RC) Books" for all existing and new motor vehicles; these cards are voluntary in Gujarat.

The cards provide Indian officials with proof that a vehicle's registration and all related fees are current. Officials have evidence of insurance and condition of vehicles at their fingertips. In addition to the economic and safety benefits, the card has been instrumental in deterring the illegal transfer of vehicles and in aiding police in the identification of criminals based on the accessibility of information about vehicles used in crimes.


Many Advantages to Meet Many Needs

  • Counterfeit Resistance: There is no known instance of the digital security of HID Global’s LaserCard optical security media being compromised. The data recording process is physically irreversible, which effectively eliminates any realistic ability to counterfeit.
  • High Data Capacity: The 1.1 megabyte optical media securely holds all required vehicle and owner information, including facial images, demographic and biometric information, plus scanned documents supporting the vehicle history.
  • Durability: The laminated construction meets the most stringent durability requirements, as certified by an independent laboratory, and supports a ten-year lifetime for each vehicle registration card.
  • Low Cost Solution: The combination of advanced technology, durability of construction, data capacity, and application flexibility deliver maximum return on investment.
  • Optical Data Storage: Certified scanned images of original documents, which cannot be fraudulently altered, are available to authorities at tax renewal, dramatically reducing internal processes.
  • Easy to Update: New biometrics or personal data to be added by authorized personnel to help prevent obsolescence and fraud.

Technology inclusive

  • Optical media for secure portable data storage
  • IC chip for licensing and fees

Bureaucratic relief

  • Significantly reduced paperwork backlog
  • Cut registration processing times by 60%
  • Dramatically reduced tax evasion and vehicle ownership fraud