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HID provides a wide range of federal government access control and ID solutions

HID Global

Federal agencies and department heads are faced with a nearly impossible challenge: How do you run a secure, efficient operation on a slim budget? Adding to this endeavor is how do you accomplish this goal with an even smaller budget due to cutbacks? To meet this challenge, HID Global offers a full range of secure identity technologies that provide optimum security, protection while guaranteeing cost-effectiveness. From simple photo ID proximity cards to smart cards containing biometric data, HID Global can recommend an access control solution meeting any federal agency's unique requirements.

Counterfeiters and terrorists are more sophisticated and determined than ever. Accordingly, a photo ID badge must incorporate more advanced security features as well as new security standards. In the United States, Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 mandated federal credentials that use smart card and biometric technologies to authenticate identity. HID Global works with federal agencies to implement the FIPS 201 standards for a new generation of smart card IDs, such as the federal employee Personal Identification Verification cards, TSA's TWIC card and Airport Credential Interoperability Standard, and the Department of Defense CAC.

Standards such as FIPS 201 are helping government agencies achieve interoperability. The smart ID card issued by one agency, for example, should be readable by the access control system of another agency. While the government defines the parameters for interoperability, it's up to system integrators to make it actually work. That's when HID Global and integrators work together on critical system components.

Our experience providing access control systems to the government space combined with our leading-edge and innovative technologies, makes HID Global an excellent security solutions partner for federal agencies and department heads.