State and Local Government

HID provides a wide range of state and local government ID solutions

HID Global

State and local-levels of government encompass a complex, multi-tiered mixture of services-from public safety to transit systems to parks and recreation- requiring several key components that encompass their access control and security systems including ID card printers/encoders, software, card readers, programmers and card production services. Due to the heightened security requirements at all levels of government, the complexity of the state and local government infrastructure combined with relentless budget pressure, finding the right security solution for a specific municipality might seem nearly impossible.

HID Global offers a wide variety of affordable and innovative solutions for state and local government agencies that address the multiple layers of security requirements.

HID Global's smart cards not only protect against alterations and counterfeiting, they also protect your entire card issuance process from internal and external security threats. This greatly reduces fraud, abuse and ultimately, costs.

Whether you are using card identity technology for transit operations, driver's licenses, voter ID cards, employee IDs, First Responder Authentication Credential (FRACT) cards or entitlement cards, HID can provide a solution to increase efficiency and maintain security without blowing your budget.