HID® FARGO® ID Systems C50 ID Card Printer FLEX Systems

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HID Global’s FARGO® C50 Card Printer FLEX Systems provide the ultimate in flexibility for your organization. Whether you’re looking for just a printer, ribbon and cards, or need a more complete solution with software allowing you to design, capture and print your IDs, HID® offers a package that gives you all the necessary elements required to begin issuing cards in minutes.

With the baseline C50 Card Printer FLEX System, you can get a C50 card printer that easily integrates into any card personalization software on the market today, using either a Windows®, MAC or Linux print driver or with the FARGO Software Development Kit (SDK).

If you’re seeking card personalization software to help you great looking, full-color IDs, choose one of two other packages that include HID Global’s Asure ID® card personalization software. With Asure ID, you can capture someone’s photo remotely, import it into the system, and then design and personalize your employee, student ID, or loyalty cards to be printed on the C50 card printer. You have the flexibility to purchase a package with either the basic Asure ID Solo software or the more advanced Asure ID Express edition.

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Card Printer Card Printer, Ribbon, Cards with Basic Card Personalization Software Card Printer, Ribbon, Additional Cards and Advanced Card Personalization Software
Asure ID® Card Personalization Software with 2-Year Asure ID Protect Plan No Yes (Solo Edition) Yes (Express Edition)
Web Camera No Yes Yes
FARGO C50 Card Printer with USB Cable Yes Yes Yes
Color Ribbon-- EZ 1 Ribbon (100 Cards) 1 Ribbon (100 Cards) 2 Ribbon (100 Cards)
UltraCard® Premium PVC Cards 100 Cards 100 Cards 200 Cards
Card Personalization Software User Profile

Has own card personalization software or plan to use Swift ID™

Requires simple-to-use card personalization software. Require 200 records or less. Basic card design features. No third party database integration.

Requires simple-to-use card personalization software. Limitless amount of records. Advanced card design features. Third-party database integration.

The FARGO C50 Card Printer FLEX System also includes:

  • Two-year printer warranty.
  • Two-year free Asure ID® software technical support.
  • FARGO Workbench™ diagnostic utility facilitates printer maintenance and diagnostics.
  • Built-in Swift ID™ badge application so that you can quickly create ID badges without having to install any additional software.

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