NFC Tags - Trusted Tag™ Services

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NFC Tags - Trusted Tag™ Services

HID Trusted Tag® Services combine HID Global’s patented Near Field Communication trusted tag technology (NFC Tags) and cloud-based authentication platform to add unique and trusted identities to everyday objects that can be read by NFC-enabled mobile devices.

Prior to the introduction of HID's NFC Tags, users had two options to accomplish this: use either convenient, standard NFC labels that provided a constant URL when read, or choose more secure but less convenient solutions that utilized cryptography (but required a dedicated app to be installed for each particular use case).

HID NFC Tags merge the best of these options into a single, innovative and easy-to-use solution to provide a secure authentication environment not possible with today’s standard NFC labels, static tags or QR codes. The HID Trusted Tag services are ideal for establishing “proof of presence” to:

  • Prevent or detect sharing of URLs in digital marketing campaigns.
  • Verify a caregiver’s presence in the patient’s home (Electronic Verification).
  • Confirm presence for student time and attendance and onsite services (guard shifts, maintenance work and additional use cases where a trustworthy audit trail of presence is needed).

Key Features and Benefits

  • No need for additional readers and other equipment; eliminates related software development costs and the need to download dedicated apps or modify devices.
  • Trusted tags are available in a variety of form factors and can be attached to or embedded into nearly any object.
  • Services provide “small data analytics” about each transaction, delivering deeper insights into consumer behaviors in response to promotional, educational or informational materials.
  • Data read from trusted tags has additional security and privacy attributes that change on every tap, making the taps uncloneable and providing a secure audit trail.
  • Services also enable authentication and brand protection, global supply chain management and a wide variety of additional Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Trusted NFC Tag in a Nutshell

  • Frictionless - No app to download
  • Simply tap to interact
  • Secure - Every tap is trusted
  • Works with any NFC compliant device