HID Global, a leader in designing and delivering secure e-Identification and e-passport solutions, brings its expertise to polycarbonate Datapages.  Offering one of the most robust, sophisticated, and innovative Datapages in the industry, our solutions are custom-built to address the unique risk/threat profiles and requirements of each individual nation. HID Global Datapages bring together state-of-the-art technologies to meet the need for flexibility, durability and security.

Key Datapage security features:

  • Clear Window – A transparent region of the Datapage that contains a laser-engraved photo and can be combined with other security features.
  • Customized Embossed Hinge Pattern – Hinge customized by embossing a pattern, (e.g. letters and/or crest) dedicated to specific customer requirements.
  • Secure Edge – UV flourescent ink on the edge of the Datapage to prevent counterfeiting.

To further respond to unique customer requirements, HID Global’s Datapages are available in two thicknesses:

  • Standard Datapage (800um thickness)
  • Thin Datapage (600um thickness)

Each Datapage is available with or without RFID functionality. See Related Documents to learn more about HID Global’s Datapages.