Card Services

HID Global is the industry leader in the design and production of quality ID badges. From high-quality printing and graphics to anti-counterfeiting applications and industrialized personalization, HID Global ensures strong brand representation, data security and state-of-the-art production.

Centralize Your ID Badge Production

Realize the benefit of centralizing ID badge production with a trusted leader in ID card issuance. Centralized production offers control of sensitive identity data. Quality, high-volume production is designed to meet exacting brand standards and the need for consistency across the organization. Benefit from our investment in secure facilities and the expertise that produces millions of sensitive government ID documents.

Join numerous industry-leading businesses, healthcare facilities, financial organizations and educational institutions worldwide that trust HID Global with their ID badge projects.

Production Options

Benefit from the knowledge of emerging trends that a leader in the identity and access management industry can bring to card printing services.

  • Anti-Counterfeit

    Anti-counterfeit features can be added to the card to protect against tampering & forgery, e.g. holograms, invisible ultra-violet, guilloche, and micro-fine printing.

  • Custom Graphics

    ID cards are programmed & printed with a company logo and colors. These can be personalized at customer site.

  • Personalized Cards

    ID cards are programmed and printed with company logo & colors and can include a name & photo, and are ready to be issued to the end user.

Card Security

A secure ID card contains visual security elements to protect against tampering and forgery. HID Global offers visual security features that enhance card security. Our expert team can help define what security elements are right for your organization.

Hover over each number for details about our security features.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Surface HologramsOne of the most commonlyrecognizable anti-counterfeitingmeasures available on the market. Embedded HologramsEmbedded holograms arepositioned under the rigidclear top surface of the card. Invisible UV Fluorescing InkInvisible ink images providea covert anti-counterfeitingmechanism. Laminated High ResolutionLithographic PrintingEmbedded, high-resolutionlithographic printing. Optically Variable InksColors change dependingon the angle from whichthe document is viewed. Guilloche PrintingComplex background graphicsthat are extremely difficult toscan and reproduce. Micro-fine PrintingMicro-fine text hiddenwithin a graphical design.