HID® Approve™

An intelligent, scalable and intuitive solution that enables users to authenticate, access resources, request or sign a transaction in seconds.

Robust Security Protocols Hardened Through Standards-Based Cryptography

Customizable security policies secure modern communication channels between you and your users, be it employees or customers – all backed by third-party penetration tests and independent audit reviews.

HID Approve for Consumer Authentication

An experience that feels natural to your customers

The HID Approve solution is intelligent, secure, scalable and intuitive. Incorporate the simple swipe to login or verify a transaction as part of your seamless customer journey.

  • Plug in Your Mobile and Online Identity Journey — Push notifications with an intuitive swipe motion or secure code generation (one-time password or OTP) can be seamlessly integrated to create your own customer journey. The solution is available as either an SDK for full flexibility or as a customizable application.
  • Compliance With Global Regulations — Facilitates organizations to meet Open Banking regulations (such as PSD2), payment card industry data security standard (PCI-DSS) and is GDPR native, meaning that it is compatible and adaptable to meet data protection regulations around the world

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Employee Verification

HID Approve for Workforce Authentication

Authentication where it is most convenient

The HID Approve solution integrates the ease of mobile with best-in-class security — turning mobile devices into simple-to-use, always-on-hand authenticators.

  • Simple and Convenient Authentication — Mobile push notifications with an intuitive swipe motion or secure code generation (OTP) make secure access to VPN and corporate applications easier than ever for employees as well as IT admins
  • Compliance With Global Regulations — Enables organizations to meet Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) multi-factor authentication requirements, including the underlying FIPS 140-2 requirements, in addition to the payment card industry data security standard (PCI-DSS) and GDPR

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Building Blocks

How HID Approve Works

HID Approve is part of the HID Authentication Platform for an intelligent, scalable and intuitive journey.

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What Sets Us Apart

Seamless User Experience
An easy-to-integrate solution that is simple and intuitive to use

Compliance Made Easy
Facilitates organizations to meet regulations around the world with highly customizable security and data protection privacy

Unparalleled Security
Strict adherence to industry-recognized security best practices, including robust protocols hardened through standards-based cryptography backed by third-party penetration testing

Low Cost of Ownership
No need to publish and maintain a bespoke standalone app

Flexible Deployment
Choice between a mobile app or SDK