Arjo Systems

Arjo Systems

Arjo Systems, now a part of HID Global, is a provider of physical and digital identity solutions for secure government ID applications. Arjo Systems has unmatched in-house expertise in areas such as security certified chip operating systems, durable card materials and physical security features, keys management and distribution, as well as IT systems and SOA architectures. With over 20 years of experience in the government identification and smart cards related industry delivering complex projects to the public sector, Arjo Systems provides the right solutions that can quickly be adapted to meet the needs of specific government environments whilst complying with the most stringent international standards.

We offer a variety of solutions for highly secure Government-to-Citizen ID programs, including:

Arjo Systems also has strong experience in the ticketing industry, with end-to-end transportation solutions as well as global platform solutions for the management of sports and other large-scale entertainment events. For both industries, we offer modular software systems that integrate the management of secure cards and tickets, ticket personalization, access control and services related to further enhancing the customer experience.

Our solutions for these high-touch industries include:

  • Smart and secure tokens
  • Key management system
  • Report management tool
  • Mobile applications