Biometric ID Provides Secure Access System for E*TRADE®

Sherman Oaks, CA (April 17, 2000) Biometric Identification, Inc., announced today that their advanced Veriprox readers are being used to secure access to E*TRADE's facilities. The integrated reader used by E*TRADE leverages fingerprint verification and HID proximity card reader technology to hinder unauthorized access via lost or stolen proximity cards by requiring that the fingerprint of the person seeking entry match the identity of the cardholder.

The Veriprox incorporates Biometric ID's business card-sized fingerprint verification module (MV1100), a proximity card reader and communication interfaces in a small modern case that easily fits on a standard door frame. Key features include:

  • One-second verification: When a person seeks entry, the Veriprox unit reads the identifying number on the proximity card and retrieves the corresponding fingerprint template. The user then places his or her fingertip on the reader. The Veriprox calculates a score, which is compared to an administrator-defined threshold to determine whether to let the candidate pass. The entire process takes about one second.
  • Easy retrofitting: Organizations that already have an HID or a Motorola proximity card access control system, but require the additional security of fingerprint verification, can easily swap the readers on those doors for the Veriprox without replacing the existing infrastructure.
  • Interoperability between sensors: The Veriprox's platform-independent design makes it possible to both enroll and verify fingerprints on sensor hardware from different leading manufacturers. This interoperability will permit the addition of new Veriprox units in the future without re-enrolling users even if the sensor changes. It will also allow enterprises to use the same infrastructure for other fingerprint verification systems such as computer log-on, eliminating the need for separate enrollments and databases.

<"HID is privileged to play a role in providing E*TRADE with a highly secure and easily deployable access control solution," said Jim St. Pierre, Vice President of Product Marketing at HID. "The Veriprox reader delivers advanced biometric and radio-frequency identification technologies to create a security product that is reliable, easy-to-use and cost-effective."

About Biometric Identification Inc. (Biometric ID)

Biometric Identification is a leading provider of strong user authentication solutions. Their offerings consist of fingerprint enabled authorization software, readers, smart card solutions and stand-alone OEM identification modules for convenient and secure access to everything from an enterprise to a front door. BII is a spin-off of Arete Associates, a technology think-tank focused on product development for the U.S. Department of Defense (the "DoD"). The Company?s fingerprint technology was originally developed as a result of the DoD?s interest in biometric technology for gun safety and control. In 1997, the Company shipped its first product to the government of Venezuela, which purchased close to 300 units of the Company?s Veriprint 2100 ("V2100") to help control attendance, voting, and other activities in the Venezuela National Congress. Today, Biometric ID end users include: GTE, IBM, Intel, Intercontinental Hotels, Mitre Corporation, Mr. Pretzels, Ohio University, Rutgers University, Siemens, Technicolor, Toys-R-Us, Turner Broadcasting, US Embassy, US Navy, VISA.

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