HID and Fargo Pass IAB and NCITS Standardized Durability Tests

Orlando, Florida (September 11, 2000) HID Corporation and Fargo Electronics, Inc., jointly announce the successful completion of independent lab analysis and the passing of standardized industry tests. The independent lab tested HID ISOProx access control cards in conjunction with Fargo's new High Definition Printing (HDP) technology. The tests were performed in accordance with Industry Advisory Board (IAB) proposed License Durability Guidelines for AAMVA, and the National Committee for Information Technology Standards (NCITS), Standard 322-1998, "American National Standard for Information Technology – Card Durability Test Methods Working Paper."

Fargo printed high-resolution graphics on a sample lot of over 100 HID ISOProx cards using Fargo's HDP dye sublimation process. The lab selected cards at random from this pre-printed sample lot. The cards were scratched, bent, pierced, frozen and baked, submerged in liquids ranging from beer, coffee and cola to isopropyl alcohol, chlorine bleach and salt water and finally run through a washer and dryer.

The card surface and printed image demonstrated exceptional endurance under the extreme testing conditions. The quality of the printed images, the adhesion of laminates used in the HDP process and the integrity of the card surface and structure met each of the durability requirements outlined in the IAB and NCITS standards. The embedded electronics in 50 of the cards were tested and exhibited normal performance after the various tests.

"By certifying our products, HID and Fargo hope to set a new standard of measurable excellence for our competitors to follow," said Steve Wagner, Vice-President of Business Development at HID Corporation. "HID is making constant investments in manufacturing technology that will continue to reduce the price of our proximity cards. We want our customers to know that superior quality and low cost are not mutually exclusive."

"The certified combination of Fargo's advanced HDP technology and HID's superior card products not only raises the bar for card graphics excellence, it sets it," said Don Swetala, Product Manager for Fargo Electronics, Inc. "We would encourage end-users and specifiers to require any card or printer vendor to independently evaluate and certify their products."

HID has also been actively involved in leadership positions on the Security Industry Association's AC-03-2000.06 Committee. The committee is developing standards related to dye sublimation printing practices for PVC access control cards.

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