HID Custom Programmed Proximity Cards/Tags On Demand.

IRVINE, CALIF. – June 15, 1999 – By stocking non-programmed cards and tags, OEMs, dealers, distributors and end-users can use HID's new ProxProgrammer™ unit to deliver custom programmed cards on demand.

"Lead times and minimum quantity orders are virtually eliminated," emphasizes HID Vice President, Access Control Joe Grillo.

The ProxProgrammer unit consists of encoder hardware and Windows 95, 98 or NT software. Using the software, ProxProgrammer unit users can print ID numbers, including an optional customer prefix, on all HID direct printable proximity cards when used within a dye-sublimation card printer.

Software security controls allow OEMs to restrict facility codes and number ranges within their proprietary formats for field offices, dealers and end-users. By utilizing HID's Corporate 1000 Program, end-users can control and program their own proprietary format. Intelligent Control Cards (ICC) provide additional security by verifying users and reducing the risk of unauthorized use.