Border Control and Migrant Registration

Biometrics can be used to help countries enforce their external borders in a variety of ways, including lawful and unlawful immigration, refugee management and migrant registration.

Biometric Border Security Technology

HID Global biometric solutions for border enforcement have been deployed in countries around the world to allow immigration officers to enroll and facilitate foreign nationals crossing back and forth between borders. The advanced access control technology accurately recognizes lawful immigrants, immediately identifies people who try to gain unlawful entry or that have criminal records and easily enrolls first-time asylum seekers for refugee management. The biometric software also recognizes previous asylum seekers so that they may be sent back to their asylum country of origin.

Biometric readers and scanners connect to software from the FBI’s automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) database to exclude individuals on no-fly lists and individuals with a criminal history. The technology has also been widely deployed for international systems like Global Entry or Trusted Traveler where citizens can undergo a prescreen security clearance that allows a more convenient, faster path to reentering their home country.

Key Benefits:

  • Complies with and exceeds Electronic Biometric Transmission Specification (EBTS) Appendix F and/or PIV-certified image quality standards
  • Identifies and/or verifies individuals anywhere, anytime
  • Performs in harsh and challenging environments
  • Provides the broadest range of proven biometric technologies and modality to grow with your organization

From hardware to SDK to complete biometric border control solutions, we have the right answer to meet your changing security requirements.